About Us

Auto Bounds is the desire of a car enthusiast to put on paper, thoughts, tests, and any opinion on what the car is about.

For me, the car is more than a means of transport, more than the metal cage that takes you from point A to point B, it is a experience, an experience that I have the opportunity to change at every acceleration, curve taken more “Dynamic” or exterior look. It is the attention to detail, to the work of designers or engineers.

I like the smell of a new car or the air specific to a car that has long left off the production line, the combination of leather and wood or plastic, the metallic noise of a manual gearbox or the engine cylinder, I like to look at the exterior of the cars that drive them.

With this blog, I’m trying to make a journal about my experiences with different cars, from the newest ones to the ones still legend among the passionate.