Best Bike Rack for Cars

How do you choose the best bike rack for cars? What features and features should have the bicycle rack for your needs? Read our guide and get informed.

Probably one of the reasons why you love so much to ride on a bicycle is the possibility of going through significant distances without the need for a car.

However, we all know that it is not possible to always travel by bicycle, and that sometimes it is necessary to go by car.

To be able to move as freely as you arrive at your destination, you can take a bicycle with you. However, in order to do this, you need the right accessories, such as bicycle racks.

If you ask yourself where other bicycle lovers find bicycle support at a good price, and how you can choose the best bike, read this article carefully.

Why choose the Best Bike Rack for Cars?

The bicycle rack is an accessory that allows you to carry your bicycle attached to your car for many miles and safely. You want the best bike support, and not any model, for many reasons.

First of all, you do not want to buy a non-qualitative support, and to lose your bicycle on the road. Second, you have to choose a type of accessory that fits both your car and the bike model.

Otherwise, bicycle transport could be a total failure. Because you do not want this to happen, it’s imperative to be very sure of your choice.

How to Choose the Best Bike Rack for Cars:

Documenting this can take a long time. Especially if it’s the first time you want to buy such a support, or if you want to buy one for a car or a new bike. You may also feel overwhelmed by the market offer that is richer than you think.

How do you know the brand you want to buy is trustworthy? What type of support fits best for your car or bike? What are some safety and security measures to keep in mind? Find out the answer to all these questions in the shopping guide I’ve prepared for you.

Moreover, in the end we will also show you how to find the best value for money in the market. So in order to purchase the best bicycle carrier, read carefully the following important information.

Number of bikes

How many bicycles will you need to carry? If you go with your family on vacation and all or most of your members will use your own bicycle, then you will need support to carry between 2 and 6 bikes. Most of the time, you will need a support that is installed on the roof of the car.

But when you travel alone or you are the only person in the group with a bicycle, it is not wise to invest in a multiple system. A more practical and cheaper version would be to invest in a support that can support a single bike.

Such supports are even easier, and are also more fuel-efficient because the fact that making the car more difficult by adding a bicycle will also have a significant influence on fuel consumption.

Safety measures

To make sure your bicycle does not fly off your car when driving, it is good to be interested in the safety measures that you need to take and which the support should be able to provide.

First of all, you will have to pay attention to the speed you will be traveling with. It is recommended that you do not exceed the limit of 130 km / h and limit as much speed as you go through a bumpy road.

You will need to check some details of the car before. If you plan to install a car holder on the back, you have to make sure that it falls within the car’s towing capacity.

Preferably, you are looking for a support that is as easy as any extra weight will influence fuel consumption, engine speed, suspension, and hoods.

You should also keep in mind the way you will travel. Because bicycles are not protected by the outside environment, they can scratch the branches, and you are always in danger when walking through forests, rugged terrain or under bridges.

Also, make sure that the bicycle is firmly attached to the support and does not shake. This will reduce as much as possible the production of an unwanted accident.


Car bicycle support grip It’s also important to be interested in the safety measures that the best bicycle carrier supports. When you stay, you do not want your bike to be easy to steal.

You are most likely to have to spend the night or spend an evening at the hotel, and your bicycle stuck in the rack must be secure enough to prevent it being stolen.

The best bicycle carrier is equipped with a security system or padlock. Verify their longevity at purchase or immediately after.

Also, remember that the support itself must be secure, because it can also be a target for thieves. Trunk mount systems are usually the most uncomfortable in this respect.

Critical Cycles Lenox 2

An easy-to-mount bike rack is the most handy and this cross-bar grip is a very useful one. It is durable because it is made of aluminum, a material that is tough but not difficult. Its maximum weight is 20 pounds, being more than generous. You can carry a single bicycle with it, and this is fixed with the help of some fixing arms.

The wheels can have any thickness, as the straps can be adjusted to the required size. In addition, you can always add another string if you want even more security because the item allows for it. You can leave it unattended without fear of losing it because both it and the frame have a key lock system.

In addition, if you are still unsure of the safety, find out that the support belongs to one of the most famous manufacturers, appreciated for the quality of the objects they are doing.

Saris 805 Bones 2

A bike rack for cars at a good price can prove to be a good idea, especially when you do not want to get in touch with the assembly process. The item stays very fast and can be detached the same, and when you do not use it, you can tighten it and store it in the trunk of the car. It has a small size compared to the other models and a weight of 4 kilograms, so it will be easy to walk with it, while being compatible with a large range of cars.

It offers room for two bicycles, but make sure that they do not exceed the maximum weight you can bear, 32. The six fastening belts are covered with vinyl, but also the durable frame.

The bodywork of the car will also be protected, thanks to rubber feet that will not scratch it. Additionally, it is made entirely of recyclable materials, being loved by nature lovers.

Thule XPress 970

If you’re looking for a cheap and good bike rack, find out that the Thule Xpress has all the necessary aspects to be called it. This is a towing model on the towing hitch, which means it’s one of the lightest and quickest to use.

It can support two bicycles, provided they do not exceed 30 pounds. The item is very durable, made of steel. The load-carrying system is secure and is covered with a soft rubber that will protect your paint. It is easy to handle and does not require much effort to lift because it weighs 4, 3 kg. You can keep it even in the trunk when it’s tight, to have it in your hands when you need it.

Bikes are also supported by straps, and they can be attached to both the top and side of the frame. It has a stylish and robust design and is equipped with reflectors to run safely at night.

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