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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Tailgating

best bluetooth speaker for tailgating

Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating is not an easy job, especially if you want to enjoy good and loud music while tailgating by the fire.

Bluetooth portable speakers have become increasingly popular among buyers who want mobility for media technology, and this year is particularly successful for these devices. The well-known manufacturers of high-fidelity audio equipment have begun to look more and more towards the respective products. Therefore, we could see an increase in the quality of the offers, the buyers now enjoying higher frequencies and stronger speakers, but also with high mobility.

As you know, below we made a top for what we considered the best portable speakers of this year, but if you want to hear our opinion directly, on the first place we went with the model Onyx Studio 4, from the well-known producer Harman Kardon. Modern design and high quality of the components marks this box, being able to connect to several devices at the same time, offering support for voice commands (such as Siri assistance) and a 7-hour autonomy. In addition, the power of 60 watts of music is quite high for such a product. On a close spot 2 we went with a cylindrical speaker from the Ultimate Ears Megaboomwhich spreads sound at 360 degrees through a special omnidirectional speaker.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4
Ultimate Ears Megaboom
The Pros
With this speaker you can connect several Smart devices at the same time. Therefore, this speaker can be used as an output by several phones at the same time, but the music will be played one at a time.The sound is spread to 360 degrees, being ideal for a small party where it can be set in the center of the room. It can also generate substantial bass for this wide angle of sound playback.This portable speaker has very small dimensions (82.7 x 30.8 x 68.3 mm) and can easily fit in any backpack or bag, even in a larger pocket.
The Cons
Although the speaker is quite powerful, totaling 60W, for a larger room is not enough. The sound is clear and powerful, but the possibilities for adjusting the frequencies are almost non-existent.Because it is not very large in size, at low frequencies heard at high volume, it can cause slight distortion. Of course, being a portable speaker, the bass will always be slightly at a disadvantage.Although it has an integrated battery, the autonomy of these portable speakers is only 5 hours, and the full charge can take up to 1.5 hours, quite a lot.
It is a performance portable speaker, which promises the high quality for which the Harman Kardon manufacturer is known. It is ideal for small and medium sized rooms, either at home or in a classroom.It is a quality portable speaker that has a powerful speaker and can allow decent listening. You will never substitute a set of quality fixed speakers, but it is among the best choices when it comes to mobility.This company proposes a model that does not sacrifice the quality for which the manufacturer is known. Easy to carry and to use, this also comes with some shortcomings such as reduced playback time of the music and the speaker that is not very powerful. However, if we consider the price, the investment is worth it.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

Well-known American manufacturer of Hi-Fi equipment Harman Kardon proposes a new model of portable speaker, raising the standard for this type of equipment. Onyx Studio 4 is a portable speaker model that offers high sound quality, which can compete with the more expensive desktop speakers.

With a futuristic and elegant design, this speaker can give a pleasant look to any room. Offering a clear and powerful sound, it comes with a 2 x 75mm woofer and a 2 x 20mm tweeter. The storage can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as in the office for conferences. It is equipped with an internal microphone that reduces noise, being ideal for teleconferences and presentations. With an autonomy of about 8 hours and a power of 60 watts, it can ensure the pleasure of listening to your favorite music for a long time.

The convex shape of the speaker allows the diffusion of the sound from a wide-angle, and its positioning with the back to a wall can ensure equal distribution of the sound in a medium-sized room. Using two speakers for Bluetooth output from a single device can be an ideal setup for a large room.

With all the crazy features it has, we decided that this portable speaker lands on the top spot on our list for the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating.


Ultimate Ears Megaboom

A portable speaker for young audiences, Megaboom Panther from Ultimate Ears offers high sound quality and modern design. With its cylindrical shape, this portable speaker can easily fill a small room. When used with other speakers of its type, an audio system for a small party can be created.

The manufacturer promises a portable speaker that can be used without fear of the outdoors, due to its shock and water resistance (IPX7 certification). The sound is stereo and propagates at 360 degrees, providing a powerful bass. For this speaker, you can download an application that offers several functions that you can enjoy, such as remote on / off controls or programming the speaker to start automatically for the alarm. Due to the number of advantages, Megaboom Panther is among the best portable speakers in its price category.

With a weight under one kilogram (877 grams), it can be easily transported, and the cylindrical design allows it to be placed in a backpack or a smaller bag without problems. By placing the speaker on the floor, you can enjoy the bass frequency, without having to worry about sound distribution.


JBL GO is the smallest speaker in our list, yet it offers a quality sound. A cheap and good portable speaker, it is ideal for use in small rooms, such as the kitchen instead of a classic radio-cassette player. It can also be used as a speaker for the phone, being able to answer calls only by pressing a button.

Although the battery lasts only 5 hours, this speaker is easy to charge and lasts a bit until ready for use again. Of course, it can be used while it is being loaded. The blue LED indicates that the loudspeaker is switched on if it stops using the phone. Its small size allows the carrying of the speaker in a more generous pocket or in a backpack. It has an unexpectedly powerful sound for its size, although it can not compensate much more than a pair of headphones in the bass category.

The box comes in several color variants, buyers can choose from up to 8 color variants. Whether you’re at a picnic or just don’t want to listen to music on your phone or headset, JBL GO is the right choice for buyers who want a compact speaker.

Those were our top 3 picks for the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating, but we got you covered with a few more models, just in case you don’t like our 3 winners.

JBL Extreme

Another speaker from the JBL manufacturer, Extreme is a powerful portable speaker with a battery that supports up to 15 hours of operation. It has medium size and can reach the frequencies of a home audio system, ie between 70 and 20,000 Hz. This model can satisfy even some discerning listeners. Besides the fact that it is portable storage at a good price, JBL Extreme also has a cylindrical and ergonomic shape that allows it to be easily transported in any luggage.

Moreover, the rubber casing and durable housing allow it to be stored safely. With a power of 2 × 20 watts, this speaker is one of the most powerful portable speakers produced by JBL. The speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery of 10,000 mAH which allows prolonged use (15 hours). In addition, you can connect to this speaker and other devices that can be charged using the two USB ports. The speaker also has two passive external radiators to support bass and high power.

It can also be controlled with the help of an application, mainly plugging and play. Your smartphone or tablet automatically detects the speaker without using an application, and music playback starts immediately.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus

About the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus portable speaker we can say that it has a slightly discouraging price, but the connoisseurs know why the products of this brand are in a state. In short, they are among the best in audio technology, the company having decades of experience behind it.

The speaker spreads the sound to 360 degrees around, thanks to the speakers with an acoustic baffle. It is resistant to rain and leakage, but also to shocks, it has a built-in handle, it offers support for voice commands like Google Now or Siri and you can connect the signal source via auxiliary cable or USB. It offers a high autonomy, up to 16 hours, between two full recharges.

As a size, it measures 184 x 105 x 105 millimeters and weighs 900 grams. Overall, it offers one of the best sounds, for its size, Bose audio engineering is difficult to match in this chapter.


Another quality Sony portable SRSXB21B speaker has light effects and allows up to 100 other identical speakers to be connected in series. I mentioned these two elements from the beginning to realize that, by using them, you can organize successful parties in the group, with strong sound and light play in sync.

Moreover, the speakers are oriented in the same direction, resulting in a clear stereo sound, which efficiently plays the entire frequency range. You can also sink the speaker, the water will not affect its functionality, and the Sony Music Center application allows the preparation of pre-programmed playlists. The battery life is about 12 hours and you can only establish the Bluetooth connection by touching the speakerphone, through the special NFC connection mode.

Moreover, it can withstand leaks up to 120 centimeters high, being tested in the laboratory for such incidents. As a disadvantage, it cannot function while charging.


It would be incorrect and unprofessional to choose a model and say which is the best portable speaker, in our own and subjective opinion. However, if I selected a few such products, JBL BOOMBOX would certainly be among them.

The price is its main disadvantage, but overall, it offers a high level of quality and technology: it allows the connection of two sources of signal at once (phones, tablets), an autonomy of up to 24 hours, resistance to rain and immersion in water and a powerful sound, thanks to the generous acoustic enclosure and the dual speakers. In addition, it allows you to connect over 100 other identical speakers at once, if you want a large party, with multiple sound sources.

It has 30 watts (when connected to the outlet) and 20 watts per battery, weighs 5.25 kilograms and can be easily transported with its own handle. Tip: after you buy it, listen to it on an average level for about 40 hours, in order to make its mark. After that, it will sound much better.

We hope that our buying guide helped you chose the best Bluetooth speaker for tailgating. We wish you all the fun while pumping those beats on the back of your truck.