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Best engine additives for your car – Keep your engine in the best shape

Many people are looking for the best engine additive on the market. You will see that there are plenty of options for such products to choose from. In the following I will present some extremely efficient products that will do their job well.

We have made a top of the best additions so you can make a point about them.

You will see that these additives will come to your aid, each product presented within this top being one of a very good quality. I hope you can help this top in the choice you will make.

Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate Oil Additive

This product could easily come into your shopping list, being of a very good quality.

You will find that choosing such a product you will gain. Its advantage is that it will contain antioxidants that will increase engine oil tolerance at high operating temperatures. This will favor a longer lubrication over a longer period of time.

Being a non-corrosive product, you will find that you will make a very good choice if you decide to choose it. It will not contain any solid lubricants, so you will not have to do with the mud specific to other products.

You should also know that this product will interrupt the heat cycle caused by friction. It is a well-known fact that friction will lead to engine failure over time, so it would be ideal to use a very good engine oil.

This product is perfect for internal combustion engines, but also for two-stroke engines.

It will also reduce friction and wear, optimizing engine performance. This product will be compatible with mineral and synthetic oils. Also, it is formulated to prevent corrosion, leaving no solid substance.

You should also be aware that the use of this product will not lead to the loss of the warranty because it is supported by the Polytron product liability insurance.

You will see an increase in speed at the top, but also a significant reduction in oil consumption.

Dura Lube 32 Ounce HL-DLOS-06 Engine Treatment

I thought that by opting for such a product, I would save money, so I would not pay too much. Not being an oil, this product is actually a very effective lubricant that condition the metal very well. It will reduce friction, penetrating smoothly the metal surface.

You will find that this product will provide a super glide between the metal parts of the engine, so you will not have any problem in choosing this product. He will be very efficient and will do his job very well. You will find that this additive is actually a high precision blend that gives rise to a very effective formula for reducing friction.

You will not have any problems with this product and you will find that it has already begun to replace the classic motor oil. This product will take up the load of the oil so that the ideal lubrication of the engine will be possible.

The major advantage of this product is that if you get stuck in oil, the engine will continue to work even without lubrication.

Engine running time will be limited. You will see that this can not be done by any engine oil. You will find that such a product will be a very good choice.

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment 

Another product that attracted my attention is this one. It comes equipped with a unique technology under the international patent. You will see that wear will be reduced by up to 78% if you use such a product. You will no longer have to deal with parts affected by wear.

You will find that this product will reduce and even eliminate span formation, being very well suited for your car. Engine maintenance costs will also be reduced if you decide to use this product.

Ensuring tightness and protection, giving optimal compression is another reason why you can choose this engine oil. As soon as you use such a product, you will notice that the engine will give you a light and fast feeling from the perspective of the acceleration.

Incremental increase in RPM will be favored by this product and you will see that you make a very good choice if you decide to opt for it. By calling for this product, you will see that the engine will be quieter, making it work in an optimal way, which you will appreciate very much.

The engine will also have a quicker reaction, and the dead end of the acceleration will be eliminated by 95%. The car will start faster even cold.

The noise produced by the turbo at start-up during operation will also be diminished if you decide to use this product.

You will see that he will do his job very well and you will not have to worry about the fact that the engine will not be protected.

Liqui Moly 1018 Motor Protect

I thought of presenting you this product because its price is more affordable and the functions will be quite numerous as well.

This product is a synthetic additive, being oil-soluble. It has some active surface components, being resistant to high pressures.

You will find that this product will also reduce wear and rubbing quite a bit. It will also contribute effectively to reducing fuel and oil consumption. You will also see that it will also provide optimal power, as well as smooth engine operation.

By calling for such an engine additive, you will see that it will be compatible with catalytic catalysts and turbochargers. Also, this product will be economical due to its long-lasting effect.

This product is suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines.

It is not advisable to use this product for wet clutch motorcycles. This additive is enough for 5l of engine oil, doing its job well. You will find that you will be able to reduce the specific oil volume by 500 ml.

This product will be added during or shortly after the oil change. It is compatible with all synthetic engine oils and minerals on the market, so if you choose such a product, you will see that you will make a very good choice that you will appreciate a lot.

It will do his job very well and will appreciate it very much.

How to choose the best engine additive

It is a well-known fact that this engine additive is a very important component for a good functioning of your engine. Also, this additive is very useful for your car due to the fact that engine oil parameters will be improved.

You should not omit such a product, as it is for you. By choosing a product from this top, you will find that you can enjoy some calming products that will meet your needs.

All the products presented here will be precious to you.

You will need to know the type of motor oil you need for your car very well. For conventional, synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils, these will incorporate elements that will improve viscosity even at lower temperatures.

Also, they will not require the addition of an additive to fuse under the best conditions. The mechanic will be best able to recommend you an oil as efficiently as possible so that you can enjoy a longer life of your engine.

You will also need to keep in mind the functions of the additives. These functions are the ones that should interest you, so you can enjoy greater efficiency. You will find that there are several types of additives.

You will need to determine which product your car needs, so that you can make the best choice. You will see that you can find such anti-wear additives in such products. It will act to protect a part of the car’s engine.

Also, such additives will contribute to increased protection of the cylinder walls, but also of the cams or pistons.

Additives will be able to form a protective layer on the surface of these components, so friction will be prevented. There will be no problems when two metal surfaces will come in contact and with the safety you will enjoy the increased efficiency of these products.

It would be advisable to choose some products that also contain antioxidants. These antioxidants will prevent engine damage, slowing down and even blocking the process. Your engine will be cleaner and will have a long life if you choose a product that has these antioxidants.

These products also contain rust inhibitors, which will allow the formation of a protective film on the surface of the parts. You will not have any problems with moisture, and the risk of rusting will be diminished, if not eliminated.

Your tracks will be protected if you decide to use some engine additives. Taking into account all these things, you will definitely be able to make a very good decision and you will be able to choose without any problems a product that will give you the desired quality.

By choosing a quality product, your engine will have a longer life and you will greatly appreciate this.

All you have to do is identify which are the most advantageous offers on the market, so make the best decision when choosing the perfect product.


I hope I helped you in choosing the best engine additive. This product will meet your needs and help drive the engine. I have done this in the light of my experiences, but also of the many opinions that professionals have outlined about these products.

You will see that regardless of your choice, you will be able to enjoy a very good quality product that you will appreciate very much.

Regardless of the engine additive you choose from this top, you will find that your choice will be a very good one.

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