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Best hydraulic car jack – Reviews and Buying Guide

best hydraulic car jack

You do not find the best hydraulic car jack so simple, and if you want to choose a tool that will help you change your tires or make small routine repairs, it is important to buy something quality, especially since safety is at stake. Because you do not always have much time available and you may not be able to read reviews or purchase guides, we suggest you find out which jack models are more convenient for a user with conventional claims.

The first model that caught our attention is the Sunex 6603ASJPK, which is part of a professional series, so it would do just as well for you in the garage or in a car repair shop. It is a product that offers three major advantages: reliability, lift height suitable for cars and increased portability, due to the small size and typology (crocodile jack). If you are a reader of opinion that this offer is an investment too serious and expensive, for those who are looking for something “low budget” we recommend the Blackhawk B6350.

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Sunex 6603ASJPK
Powerbuilt 620422E
You can choose this semi-professional jack regardless of whether you want to use it with your personal car or you need to include it in the facilities of small car service. The product is built robust, with a steel frame and offers the possibility of a small race, supporting up to 3 tons. It can be used with sports cars, starting from a minimum height of 80mm.Its performance is demonstrated by both the durable construction and the technology used, being a pneumatic model, capable of lifting up to 4 tons. It is equipped with two wheels for easy transport, and when raised, there is a safety bar that will prevent accidental releases. The product is a professional one, so it can be a good investment for a service.

Let’s go take a look at our picks for the best hydraulic car jack:

Sunex 6603ASJPK

Do you want to smoothly change a wheel, using a tool that you have not spent an exaggerated amount? – This offer from Sunex will give you the performance and safety you need. It is a hydraulic jack from the crocodile range, which is very suitable for working with cars. We say this because it allows you to lift a load of up to 2 tons.

The device has some metallic wheels and rubber reinforced protection just at the lift point.

The structure is a solid one, consisting of a reinforced steel frame, which promises not only durability but also resistance to considerable stresses. A rotary handle allows the release of pressure. It will be used without problems on unfinished surfaces and in the external space, being resistant to wear. Weighing only 68 pounds, the product is easily transported or stored in the trunk.

Sunex 6602LP

The Yato brand offers are also sought after, especially since it offers a very good price/quality ratio in terms of devices, tool kits and hand tools. This crocodile type jack will be mainly useful as a car model, providing the support force needed to withstand up to 2T without any risks.

The product will provide a lifting height of 2.75 “- 24”. It is noted that precisely the starting height values ​​for lifting are low, and this means that it can be used with smaller sports cars. The utility will be clearly demonstrated, whether you buy it for home use, or it will come in the facilities of small car service.

It is manually operated and has a total weight of 104 pounds. With relatively small dimensions, it fits in the trunk. It is important to remember that the device is in the semi-professional category, having a solid, robust construction, which promises durability and, therefore, advanced wear resistance. The only drawback would be that it does not include a rubber sole, as a pad on the pad, but this can be easily improvised.

Powerbuilt 620422E

Powerbuilt 620422E, 5T crocodile type hydraulic jack, very high lifting height, metallic wheels, professional.
Crocodile type hydraulic jack with a reinforced steel frame.
Comes with pedal for easy approach. It is easy to use with a low lifting height.
It has a handle with protective rubber and rubber protection for the lifting point.
The pressure release is done with the help of the rotary handle.
It is our second best pick for the best hydraulic car jack in 2019.

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty

When what you want to buy is a cheap and good Crocodile jack, the offer in this example is just right. As a typology, the product is part of the range of parts with hydraulic drive, so it offers a good yield and is easy to use, without effort.

The model is made to support a load of up to 3 tons and has moderate portability, thanks to a removable pumping bar, which can facilitate the height adjustment. The lifting capacity varies between 2 “- 20”, which means that it can be strictly recommended for use when replacing tires.

Blackhawk B6350

When the available funds do not allow you a considerable investment, this crocodile jack will be a very useful piece in your personal car kit. Since it is a product with a manual drive, it will not cost much, but it will require a little more maneuvering force when you lift the car to change a wheel.

The maximum sustained load is 3.5 tons, so it is not recommended to use for extensive repairs. For what it was designed it can handle very well and can lift the car in the range 5.5 inches – 22 inches.

Buyer’s Guide

The first thing to think about when buying the best car jack for your car is the safety it offers you when you use it. The stands in the Jack range have been made either to provide quality support for the vehicle when you carry out extensive repairs and you must work directly under the car, or when you need to change a simple tire and you need a correct tire positioning, before considering process one successful.

If you no longer trust the old device or have just bought a car and do not know exactly how to choose something compatible with its weight and size, we present a series of factors that decide the selection priorities for a product with obvious qualities. Respecting these aspects not only will you be able to decide where to find car jackets at a good price for professional drivers, but also to choose one that suits your requirements and budget, above all else.

best hydraulic car jack

Support technology: it can be simple manual, hydraulic or pneumatic mechanics. The most common products, which are still delivered with cars for sale, are the mechanical jack models from the “scissors” range. It has the advantage of occupying enough space, can be carried in the trunk and is powerful enough to support the car as you change a wheel. Moreover, they are not capable of supporting, and the lift is made at very small heights. We recommend them only for emergencies and when you want to buy something cheap, to help you along the way.

For those who flirt with the notions of mechanics or prefer to consult opinions about the best car jackets, a hydraulic variant is the most inspired choice. Products of this type are widely used in mechanics workshops, but they can be of great help to drivers as well. They consist of a hydraulic cylinder and a detachable lever and are the easiest to operate.

We recommend them for people with a poorer physical condition because they do not require physical force when operating. Those who buy the jack for car service are advised to point to a pneumatic or a high capacity hydraulic model. The pneumatic ones practically inflate an ultra-resistant air cushion directly under the vehicle, letting it “float” on it, while repairs are made or until the car is positioned on special stands.

Supported weight: allows you to match the jack with the tonnage category of which the car is part. You have a choice between conventional (limited), high and extended capacity models. It is not advisable to believe that the jack will ever support the full weight of the car, and for a quick change of tire, one that can support 2 or 3 tons is enough, if you have a small or moderate car.

If you own a land vehicle, choose a model that can support at least 3 tons. All heavy-duty cars require a jack of at least 4 tons or more. It also depends on which area you place the jack when you want to lift the car, considering that the engine exerts the highest pressure, equivalent to more than half of the total weight of the vehicle.

Lifting height: it must be small or moderate for parts conventionally used by drivers and large for machines used in-car services. To change the fit of a tire you do not have to lift the car very much, but it is necessary to learn exactly where to place the jack because the structure of the vehicle is only reinforced at certain points so that it can be lifted.

We consider a variable distance in the range 20 – 40 cm only good for any type of operation, considering that for the mechanic’s workshops are used special car support when the repairs are more complex. The jack will only be used for temporary lifting, lasting for several minutes, after which it will be replaced with specific stands. For heavy tonnage machines or if there is a danger of mud impaction, special high lift jackets are used, consisting of a solid bar, about 1 m high and accessorized with a special lever that can be adjusted.

best hydraulic car jack

Design: involves the shape and dimensions of the chosen piece. From the range of hydraulics are used as much the “crocodile” and cylindrical models. The first category is recommended for both drivers and mechanics, differing in the tonnage sustained, but the shape is the same: obtained from two mobile “jaws” that open with a sharp angle. The maximum opening will correspond to the lifting height for the respective piece.

Even if the height is limited, the resistance to weight is optimal. Those wishing to save storage space are advised to opt for a cylindrical jack, often these examples not exceeding the size of a 1l glass. When you want to always have a jacket with you, wherever you go, we recommend you to choose the easiest and least bulky model, ie one that weighs up to 5Kg.

The owners of auto services will properly equip their workshops with all kinds of specialized models: lift jack, gearbox, models for vehicles with extended tonnage, etc.

Material: can be reinforced steel, cast iron or aluminum. For small cars and simple lifting loads from the ground, light materials are used, such as aluminum and some steel variants. If you need more safety and a more solid piece, this will need to be made of improved steel for extra strength.

The models made of cast iron are also durable, but they are heavy and therefore they are used more in service than portable parts. If you have carefully checked the possibilities of supporting the variant that you plan to buy, you should not worry about the typology of the material, as long as you use it correctly, according to the instructions. Each model is tested and approved as reliable by the manufacturers.