Best LED lights for cars

How do you choose the best LED lights for cars? What features and features do car LED bulbs fit for your needs? Read our guide and get informed.

The driving safety depends heavily on the quality of both interior and exterior lighting. Especially at night, you have to be sure that the lighting system works best. It involves your driving visibility and the efficiency of the signaling system, both of which are able to make the difference between life and death.

Besides the safety aspect, you need an ergonomic lighting system that is friendly to the battery power supply. A relatively modern solution in this respect is LED bulbs. They are more efficient and more economic in the long run. If you are looking for auto LED bulbs, find out from this article where you find them and how you choose the best auto LED bulbs.

You are looking to make a quick choice in purchasing LEDs, but it’s hard to decide on lighting modules because you know that without prior notice there is a chance to buy something poorly and not at all according to your car?

If the answer is yes, find out that we have carefully looked at existing market offerings and concluded that users who do not have enough time to read our shopping guide can rely on the following two models: Philips Xtreme The Vision W5W 360 occupies the first position in our top because they are characterized by an excellent chromatic temperature (6000K) and a 360 ° optical design, which means that it delivers uniform light diffusion and ensures easy observation of traffic obstructions, both day and night, so you can drive in complete safety.

In addition to the excellent visibility that characterizes them, they enjoy a very good rating and reliability, as they are easily distinguished by robust, shock-resistant and vibration-proof design and patented, long-lasting cooling system functioning of bulbs. And on the second place we have the Osram LEDriving PX-4.

Philips Xtreme Vision W5W 360

The Philips Xtreme Vision W5W 360 is one of the best auto leds, considering the high chromatic temperature (6000K) and the 360 ° optical design, which guarantees a uniform diffusion of white, xenon, and, at the same time, a good visibility in traffic, and the elegance of your car.

As far as compatibility with the car system is concerned, we mention that the LED construction standard is the W5W, which means they are part of the auxiliary model category and can be mounted either indoors or as front position light bulbs in the front or side headlamps.

Another advantage of the two modules is robust design, which offers improved shock and vibration resistance, as well as a patented cooling system, thanks to which it lasts well over time. It also ensures optimal insulation against short circuits. To sum up, the Philips Xtreme Vision W5W 360 are both efficient and reliable car lighters, selling at a great price.

Osram LEDriving PX-4

If you want to tune in your car, this daylight set from Osram will become the best ally you can find. In terms of energy efficiency, it is rated at 80%, which means low consumption and high brightness.

The kit consists of two strips (modules) like LED module, connection wiring, droser, special holders for fastening and all necessary for a successful installation. The manufacturer guarantees a minimum of 3 years of impeccable operation and compatibility with electrical circuits with a 12V voltage.

The light output produced has a white, even blue, very shiny tint due to its 6000K chromaticity. Consumption is low, reaching only 13.5W, and if you make a simple calculation, where each watt corresponds to at least 30lm, you get a luminous flux over 400lm.

Philips DRL Guide

Here is a set of daytime running lights that will help you properly tuning your car if you’re ready to give them a shot. The pieces include LightGuide technology, with evenly distributed light at a wide angle. An aluminum case makes the components very sturdy, even if they are hit by the curb on the road.

You can easily install the two strips as it integrates a smart attachment system, plugging in with a simple click. The light has a blue color, being rated for 6000K and providing maximum visibility for at least 5000 hours of operation.

Lamps are compatible in 12V circuits, so good for most cars. The package includes standard connectors, waterproof, salt, dust and sand resistant, practically weatherproof.

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