Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginner

best motorcycle helmet for beginners

Proper protection while riding a motorcycle is the most important aspect, besides the ability to control such a vehicle. Therefore, it is only natural for you to find the best motorcycle helmet for beginner and at a great price.

If this is the first time you have the problem of purchasing this item, you will have difficulty selecting the right model and recognizing a piece built to the highest standards of reliability and certified in this regard.

Two coordinates are of vital importance in this approach: the chosen model must offer maximum protection in the event of an accident and be simultaneously comfortable, so that the owner can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. If you find yourself among motorcyclists who are trying to determine where to find motorcycle helmets at a good price or you just want to know what type suits you, check out the following list of features.

AFX FX-33 4.7/5
Scorpion EXO-R420 4.7/5
AFX FX-95 4.5/5
NENKI NK-310 4.4/5
Bell Qualifier Full-Face 4.4/5
O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road  4.2/5

Buyers Guide

Safety standard

The legal requirements require you to buy a certified helmet according to the area you are traveling in, and depending on this, there are several standards: ECE 22.05 for Europe, DOT FMVSS 218 for the United States of America, CSA CAN3-D230-M85 in Canada, AS 1698 valid in Australia, JIS T8133 for Japan, NZ 5430 in New Zealand, IS 4151 valid in India, NBR 7471 in Brazil and Snell M 2005, the most demanding standard adopted in sports competitions.

If you are planning to travel to the European continent, you can rest assured, because some experts consider the specific standard in Europe much more drastic than in other regions (USA, India, etc.). However, those who do not want to complicate with these codes can buy an assured model like “all world” – that is a standard valid throughout the world.

Even if you opt for the most drastic standard (Snell M 2005), it is considered that an accident of the magnitude of the one who can destroy an ECE 22.05 certified helmet is serious enough that the motorcyclist dies after injuries other than those of the head.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginner

Protection type: every helmet must protect on three essential registers: anti-impact, anti-abrasion, and anti-penetration. It is compulsory for the purchased product to have a double internal layer made of foam (polystyrene) and all kinds of shock-absorbing pads (sponges, memory foam etc).

It is this layer that has the role of absorbing shocks produced by a direct impact with a surface or a hard object, at high speed, as most brain injuries in motorcycle accidents occur as a result of brain movement in the inert skull box.

Therefore, the lining must absorb kinetic energy. Also, the outer layer must be made of Kevlar, carbon fiber or glass, to provide protection in case of slipping on the boiler. Last but not least, the best performing headsets are thermally insulated and keep away small objects that could pierce the coating (stones, metal pieces)


You have a choice between several product variants: full-face helmets, motocross helmets, modular helmets, open face models and variants that cover only the skull cap. Of course, the latter category also offers the lowest degree of protection, but it is popular among chopper owners. The model covers only half of the head area, and if we take into account statistics, which say that the most vulnerable area in the event of an accident is the chin, then you can realize that it does not keep you away from the risk.

On the penultimate place in this ranking, we mention the jet helmet, which is also called generic and open face because it covers the skull box, the neck, the temples and leaves the face and chin in sight. Newer models with a visor and a metal bar for the chin, whose reliability is really a bit higher, have appeared on the market. We advise you to choose these variants if you are necessarily buying a jet product.

We arrive at the podium area, where we find the second helmet with a mobile visor, which you meet under the name of a flip-up helmet because you have a combination between the open face version and a full face, in which the protection for the chin is incorporated but mobile. Both reliability and comfort are moderate and you can opt for this typology when you want to make a smaller investment.

The most reliable and most appreciated typology for motorcycle helmets remains the integral one. It is mandatory for beginners, because it covers the whole head, and the face is protected by a viewfinder that can be opened. On the market, you can find a wide variety of models, and prices vary depending on the materials and manufacturer. A version of it, specially designed for off road, is the enduro (motocross) helmet, which is less comfortable and more vulnerable to impact on the road. Our advice is always to buy an integral version, as it is considered the safest by many opinions about the best motorcycle helmets.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginner

The design

It will incorporate some qualities that any motorcyclist must take into account: the helmet to be as light as possible, to include a ventilation system with good ventilation (especially to the integral ones), to offer a good sound insulation (to many motorcyclists it can gradually deteriorate the hearing) and have a more aerodynamic design (useful at higher speeds). All of these options will give you more comfort in traffic and help you have a pleasant experience on the motorcycle.

For example, you will learn to wear a better best motorcycle helmet for beginner on the long road and more permissive with the sounds when you are in the city so that your attention is always on the signals in the environment. Ventilation is vital, but you do not have to have any airflow to seep under the helmet, so it is good to choose something almost airtight, but with ports for air intake.

The visor, when it is present, does not have to be vaporized, regardless of the external temperatures, the helmet requiring a specific deflector for this purpose. Last but not least, we strongly recommend that you consult the size chart when buying the product, comparing it with the measured cranial circumference. Orient yourself to bright colors, easily visible, to be easily observed by traffic drivers.

If you are still trying to figure out where to find the best motorcycle helmet for beginner at the best prices for the most passionate motorcyclists, here is a good idea: order the online model and you have complete freedom of choice. It is not enough that prices are lower on the internet, but you have a great variety of products. We show you this by presenting the following list with several attractive offers.

AFX FX-33 Helmet

Are you looking for a motorcycle helmet, at a good price, for the scooter, of the open type, to enjoy your child, but also to keep him safe? This version with an elegant design uses a tough polycarbonate exterior, meeting the required safety standards according to European legislation (ECE 22.05), so your little one will be protected.

The transparent visor protects the eyes from impurities and UV rays, presenting scratch resistance, and sealing. Inside, textile materials with anti-microbial and hypoallergenic protection are used, which ensures drainage and ventilation so that the wearer does not sweat.

This model of children’s motorcycle helmet is a size S / M, suitable for a head circumference of up to 55 cm, closing with an easy-open strap, in the chin area. We also add that a transparent protective layer is used to protect the design and paint. And if left on the scooter, the helmet can be fixed with a metal ring that becomes anti-theft.

We took it as our first pick for the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginner.

Scorpion EXO-R420

This motorcycle helmet, at a good price, is available in a predominantly black, white or black color with a matte finish, the respective detail helping the wearer to individualize to a certain extent held, to come in chromatic agreement with the rest of the equipment. The exterior is made of polycarbonate composite material, which will have a medium to high durability, protecting the head area.

As a typology, it is an integral option, which covers the whole face, having a clear visor, adding also 100% UV protection sunglasses, which are integrated inside the helmet and retractable, if necessary. The visor can be included with a smoke, if you prefer better visibility in extreme light conditions. The interior will feel soft and allow the skin to breathe, being able to remove itself to sanitize, also having an antibacterial treatment meant to help you. The noises are eliminated almost entirely thanks to the protection in the chin area, the object being provided with high-performance ventilation, located in the forehead and chin area, which conducts air to the neck, where the extractor will operate. The included air deflector will help maintain visibility while giving a slightly aggressive look.

It closes with a micrometric system, which allows adjustment for increased comfort, opening easily. It has ECE 22-05 certification and is available in various sizes so if you need a motorcycle helmet of size S, for example, you will find in this product the desired equipment. In addition, you find larger options, up to XXL, so almost any user category can try such a model.


Do you want a cheap, good, full-face motorcycle helmet that will protect you when you venture on the country roads on a two-wheel motor? This aerodynamic model will help you get the basic protection, using a plastic and polyester alloy, which provides support, resistance and comfort, rewarded and with European safety certification (ECE 22.05). In addition to the slightly glossy black paint, it is used in a colorless paint layer, which protects the color obtained.

Inside is a lining made of hypoallergenic nylon with antimicrobial treatment, which will not let bacteria and viruses develop, the helmet is provided with protection for the cheeks, which can be removed and washed if desired. In the ear area, there are some holes that leave room for headphones, if the wearer wants to use such accessories when riding a motorcycle.

With a flush-fit visor that provides optimum optical comfort, it will bend slightly and be treated with UV protection and scratches, to ensure long-lasting wear. Eight-point ventilation helps to eliminate perspiration and ensures a balance between total sound insulation and maintaining a good enough sound standard to hear traffic noise. For many people, it is a motorcycle helmet for scooters or speed motorcycles, with great resistance to speeds over 100 km / h, as some users say. The only drawback, if we can say so, is the lack of variety in terms of available sizes, this article being suitable for those with large head circumference (size 2XL).

NENKI NK-310 Dual Sport Enduro

Aerodynamic shape design from an innovative plastic and poly-alloy alloy for increased strength and low weight.
Interior hypo-allergenic nylon, antimicrobial and sponge cheeks removable.
Cavities near the ears for speakers.
Flip-up visor, flush-fit, with quick mounting disassembly, single-turn fastening screws.
Curved visor from materials that do not distort the image, scratch resistance, and UV protection.

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Since our guide allows you to choose for sure the best motorcycle helmet in the trade, we start with this conclusive example. First of all, it is good to know that this product has been certified according to an All-World standard and is considered even more drastically analyzed and tested than standards for the USA, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

The model is provided with layers of resistant material, injected polycarbonate and polystyrene, which also offers protection against impact and abrasion, and whose cumulative thickness and added to the HidraDry lining greatly mitigates the penetration of foreign bodies, in case of accidental perforation. As a typology, the product is in the safest category, that of the entire headset, covering the entire head and including a visor with a quick replacement system.

There are four different sizes available to suit any shape of the skull and medium and large gray circumference. The model incorporates all kinds of adjustments for ventilation, breath deflector, and anti-steam visor, ensuring not only comfort but also excellent visibility. The warranty certificate is valid for 2 years.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road 

For off-road enthusiasts who are looking for a track in the category of cheap enduro helmets, we highly recommend this motocross model. The construction is solid, and the piece is accompanied by DOT and ECE certification, respectively for the United States of America and Europe. The high level of security derives from the combination of quality materials used in the preparation: polycarbonate and light acrylic resin and ultra-resistant to impact and any type of abrasion.

The protection for the jaw is cast, to prevent crushing in case of an accident. The interior is protected by the addition of a double density polystyrene layer. At the same time, the helmet allows the attachment of the specific glasses inside. An inner bag with high breathability can be detached and sanitized separately, effectively retaining perspiration and guaranteeing comfort in the skin.

An air mesh filter is included in the mandible area to properly ventilate the wearer’s nasal pathways. You can buy this piece in L or XL size version, red, and you will receive 2 years warranty.

Hope you enjoyed our reviews of the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beginner. Remember always to keep safe while riding a motorcycle.