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Best Off Road Tires for Snow – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you like winter and big trucks, then you might be looking for the best off road tires for snow. Here at Autobounds we scour the internet for the best tires and bring them to you in a well-compiled list so you don’t have to waste your time searching! 

Off-road enthusiasts already know that this adrenaline-filled, but also fun, sport can only give them satisfaction when the car they use has the qualities to keep up with them. Nothing compares to a difficult route, with obstacles that are harder or easier to overcome, but which lead to the perseverance of a driver and give him the opportunity to test his reactions in limited situations.

In addition to the right car for off-road routes, just as good for good performance are the right tires. Off-road drivers should keep in mind that they will drive on muddy terrain, steep areas or forest roads, so Autobounds specialists have prepared a short guide to help you choose the best off-road tires. road. This is essential for the vehicle used for off road to have good grip and stability, otherwise, there is a risk of staying with the car locked. Also, the quality of the tires affects fuel consumption, the safety of the driver and possibly of the other passengers.

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When is it necessary to use off-road tires?

In order to choose the best tires, e-tire specialists recommend that you consider, first of all, the type of route you want to take. The more difficult a route, the more important it is for the car to be equipped with the tires that have a suitable profile. Off-road trails may be subject to excessive moisture, ice, mud or steep terrain. For this reason, off-road tires should be chosen according to certain performance indices.

As a rule, off-road tires have M + S (mud and snow) indicators, which indicate that they offer good grip on any type of road, even on mud or snow. Tires specially designed for the off road may also have MT (mud terrain) or AT (all-terrain) indicators. MT tires have a more aggressive profile, ideal for muddy terrain, and are generally used for competitions or for vehicles used in emergency situations, and AT tires are designed for road cars, but which are thus equipped for forest or road roads. more difficult to access.

In addition, other indicators to consider are speed, temperature, rolling ability, load index, and fuel economy. If you are not sure if you have made the best choice, it is best to turn to specialized technical assistance.

The correct size of off-road tires

Choosing tires that fit perfectly can be quite difficult for off-road tires. The tire diameter, length, and width are chosen according to the car model. To find out exactly the dimensions you need, you can use either the information provided by the manufacturer, in the user manual, you can check all the available data on existing tires, or call on the help of specialists.

Regardless of the type of vehicle owned, on off-road roads fuel consumption increases, and tires are much more in demand and can be used faster. Thus, the performance indicated on the tire labels or the markings on the tires gives you data on their performance under normal conditions of use.

In order for the car to have better stability, which is very important for off-road routes, it is good to change all tires when mounting new ones. These must be identical tires (brand, size) and be new.

Specific requirements for off-road routes

An off-road route with a high degree of difficulty involves equipping the car with tires that have a profile that has certain specific characteristics. These include the rubber footprint, the number of folds, the width of the tire and other factors that ensure stability and safety.

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How can tire markings help you?

The markings on the side of the tire represent performance indicators. They provide you with information on the degree of adhesion to the road in humid conditions, on ice or snow, the maximum temperature at which the tire resists, the speed index, the efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and the rolling resistance.

It is well known that, generally, these indices are based on the independent tests performed by each manufacturer, so it is difficult to make a correct comparison between tires belonging to different manufacturers, which is also the reason why most a good option is to equip your car with off-road tires belonging to the same manufacturer.

What types of tires to choose for off road?

Due to the specific climatic differences of our country, all-season tires are not the most suitable for off road. In contrast, for the cold season, e-tire specialists recommend you to use winter tires and in the hot season summer tires.

It takes into account the existing temperatures in the relief area you want to travel, because on mountain roads, at higher altitudes, summer tires may not cope even in the hot season.

Before starting the road, make sure that the sides of the tires are reinforced, that they have a high tread, that they have an appropriate width and that the depth of the profile is between 13 and 17 millimeters.

The correct choice of off-road tires is made taking into account all the factors listed above, there are many models of tires on the market from different manufacturers, which are suitable for off road. However, some manufacturers also have specific ranges of off-road tires, specially designed for 4 × 4 vehicles, but also for small cars. These include BF Goodrich, Maxxis, Yokohama, Michelin (Latitude and Latitude Alpine) or Continental (ContiCrossContact) tires.

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