Car camping checklist – All you need to take with you when going camping

Yeah, I know you’re tired of pollution, dust, and raspings of the traffic lights. But if you do not want to spend a lot of money by going to a resort at sea or on an expensive trip, you can go out with your family or friends with the tent in the middle of nature.

There is nothing more beautiful than staying under the open sky, in a quiet that fills you with positive energy. Especially now that the warmth has come. But for this, you have to prepare yourself a little to enjoy your experience in nature.

First of all, it is necessary to know that there is no need for a 4×4 field or 4×4 car to make a trip in nature. Every car is good as long as you know the limits and make the most of the interior or exterior space.

It’s true that a field car helps you get into places that are harder to reach, where you are more isolated, where fewer garbage is, and the manes are heard only in your imagination. But even with a normal car, you can end up having unforgettable holidays or weekends, camping with the tent.

How do I prepare the expedition car?

First of all, wherever you go from your city, you have to make sure the car will not let you in, or who knows where through any isolated place forgotten by God.

More specifically, it is good to check the oil level and the antifreeze to eliminate the problem of leakage or possible overheating of the engine. I know someone whose pressure heater was broken, no antifreeze, and he had to stumble the reed holes and fill the radiator with the lake water – he was fishing in the Delta. He kept it very well and got out of the mess, but if he had checked in time, the antifreeze would not have happened like that.

You still have to stop at vulcanization to check the tires, but especially the reserve, to be swollen. Have the jack and the key for your wheels! Otherwise, if you know you have some technical problems, you’d better make sure they’re going to have a bigger task.

For example, if you know that the end of a planetary globe is in bad turns, you may have the surprise to slip into a bigger load if you force the car because of the mud or a more serious slope.

What do I have to have in my car when I go in a tent?

You have to make sure you have at least the medical kit of your car in good condition. You never know how to cut or hit and you need dressing. In addition, a minimum of medication is welcome not to spoil your expedition in vain: pills of pain, nausea, stomach and possibly cold or allergy.

I mean, I’m always on my way accompanied by a few envelopes with Smecta, Metoclopramide, Ranitidine, Nurofen, Paracetamol and Aspirin Bayer. And to give you a tip, which you can use in clubs or parties: if you are going to drink and you are more amateur, like me, throw an anti-neural before you start drinking and the next day do not you know what that headache, nausea, etc.

You still need a towing strap with you, if you stay stuck somewhere. A sure passer will pull you, but you have to make sure he has something. There is also a good air pump or electric wheel compressor, a small tool kit if you know how much to bite at the car and some current cables.

On the camping side, you should not forget to change even thick clothes, even if it’s summer, about two 5-liter cans with tap water (good for cooking, washed on face, teeth, etc.) drinking, eating, a sharp knife, cigarette lighter, flashlights, anti-mosquito solutions or devices, garbage bags and mobile phone. Optional items include comfort items, such as folding chairs, table, grill, kettle, string, toaster, refrigerator, etc.

Loading the car for camping

If only 3 people are in the car, it’s best to fold half the rear seat back for more baggage. If you have enough space in the car, try to get everything you can to increase your stay: chairs, table, stove, generator, etc. It is preferable that larger luggage that is not easy to break or have no water problems should be mounted on the roof, on the trunk, if you have something like that. Or in a closed trunk, Thule type. But if you have nothing, take advantage of every corner of your car: trunk, bench, legroom, etc.

If you are only 2 people, you can also consider sleeping in the car. This means that all the luggage will fit into the trunk so that the two front seats are left to the rear.

Some helpful tips

  • park the car near the tent or camping area
  • If you have any doubts about the state of the road, better look at the depth of pit or water
  • search Google Earth or the map for the place you want to get there and make sure there is a road, even land
  • Make sure you have your mobile phone loaded
  • Make sure you do not leave overnight headlights or other active car users
  • park the car in a straight or even slope – in case it does not start the next day alone, be easy to push
  • collect your garbage in plastic bags and throw them into the first urban locality
  • let the camp as you found it – you do not have to notice that you’ve ever been there
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