Car checks before a long journey – 10 things you need to check before driving

The car is the one that takes you safely almost anywhere you propose to go, so it deserves a lot of attention from you. With a good fuel, your car is the most reliable method of transport. Periodically, however, it needs a little maintenance and attention from you, so it goes on the list of the checks it needs so you can drive it smoothly and make sure you arrive at your destination in a timely manner. What do you need to get on the list?


It is the one that helps your car to go easy and without which you could not go, if its level is too low. You can check if you have enough oil on your own, with a rod, or you can go to a car service and leave this job on the hands of specialists. They can also recommend you when you should do the next oil change.

Tire pressure.

It is perhaps the easiest check you can do. In almost every fuel station you find a pressure gauge. If you have a pressure gauge, the tire pressure can also be checked at home. It is very important to have the right pressure for the wheels you use and the total weight of the car, as this can extend the life of the tires and prevent you from accidents. Check your car or mechanic’s book for the ideal pressure for your tires.


So important in traffic, the brake pads have to be changed before “screeching”, a sign that they are too “old”. To prevent accidents, you need good brakes that need to be checked frequently. It is best to go with the car in service and let the car specialists test their resistance.

Always check your fluids.

The power steering fluid.

If you drive at least once without a power steering, you probably know how important it is to have this system on the car. It saves you valuable seconds in traffic and helps you change the direction of the car much more effortlessly. Make it a habit to change this fluid periodically to avoid trouble during driving.


In order to have the desired steering wheel steering response, you need to have your direction checked as often as you can. You certainly do not want to come to a certain place and notice that the car is late to execute the order or to do it in half. To avoid accidents, it’s good to be sure you made the direction of the car.

Antifreeze and coolant.

Low temperatures can affect your car and cause it to stop working properly. Make sure you have antifreeze in the engine system and do not let this check for when it comes in the winter. On the other hand, the car’s engine could get stuck to near the boiling temperature if you do not have a coolant to do its job in the summer. You will lose precious time as long as you have to pull to the right and wait, with the bonnet, for the engine to cool down.


Not only wheel pressure is important when you want to use your car, but also wear tires. An old tire, so red, will not guarantee your safety when wearing a wet or frozen area, so be careful not to exceed their shelf life. Nero tires will provide you with a better towing force on the road, which means that the car will “pull” more easily a bigger weight. Look carefully if your car’s tires are inflated in some areas and so it’s going to make up. Do not run with tire wheels, so you do not put your life and other road users at risk.

Air filter.

A packed filter means more fuel consumption and a hindrance to your car’s functions. Get used to the service car and change the air filter if needed, because this operation will not cost much, but it will help your car move more easily.

Transmission fluid.

You will not want to experience the shutdown of your car’s transmission, so find some time and go with the car to check if the transmission fluid is at an optimal level so you can easily control the trajectory of the car on the road.

Lights are important to road safety.


Signaling, headlights, headlights, all are extremely important in traffic, no matter if you use your car at night or at night. Make sure all work in normal parameters, so you can avoid accidents. Moreover, you can get a damning fine if any of the bulbs do not light up, and in the future, for this reason, you have to pay a much higher insurance for the car.

If you want your car to take you safely to your destination, do not forget to take care of it and take it preventively to your mechanic who can detect a possible problem in time. This way you can avoid much higher costs in the future if you anticipate that any of your car parts need to be changed.

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