Eco-Friendly Car Tires

Things you need to know about your car tires

The question that many of those who read this title will be asking if there is such a thing. And the answer is affirmative, eco-friendly tires are a real thing! As there are environmentally friendly cars, there are tires designed to protect the environment. It seems that, at last, a large part of mankind, at least the one at a level of civilization large enough to understand the global problem as a whole, understood that without a sufficiently clean environment technological advancement would no longer be relevant because the Earth that sustains life will no longer exist as we know it. The story of man’s friendship with the environment is no longer just a beautiful fairy tale of sleeping children, but a stark reality.

“Eco-friendly” Cars

This broad concept refers to all vehicles that use alternative energy for operation, trying to pollute the environment as little as possible, unlike conventional cars that run on gasoline or diesel. We are not just talking about already-known electric-battery machines, but also those with compressed air, mixed fuel, ecological diesel or ethanol. Another direction to go is that of the smallest fuel consumption, this time not for economic or environmental reasons.

There are various things about organic cars, starting from being more expensive than conventional ones, as well as the fact that they are harder to feed and fuel is not as easy to find. Loading electric cars can not be done anywhere and takes longer, as well as the fact that they do not reach the performance of conventional machines. A fairly hilarious story has been around the world a few years ago about the police of a state that started to be equipped with electric-powered cars that had to return to gasoline machines because the “eco- friendly “do not touch the speeds that would allow the pursuit of those who violated the law. These are already stories of the past. The environment-friendly car market has evolved greatly.

Tires that are “eco-friendly”

But let’s go back to the proposed subject. The previous explanations have shown the scale of the phenomenon and the concern of car manufacturers to protect the environment. The same concern was shown by tire manufacturers, but perhaps their mission was more difficult because apparently less could be done in this direction. However, Michelin has since 1992 created models that have emphasized increased sustainability, performance and innovation. The MNX model has been improved by adding silicon to the tire. This has improved energy efficiency, increasing safety and longevity.


What are the directions for “green” tires? First of all, trying to achieve greater energy efficiency without jeopardizing the other characteristics of the tire, on the contrary. Already emblematic for this type of tire is the tall and narrow tire of the Michelin manufacturer, which has been designed for eco-friendly prototypes and has a larger diameter and a narrower profile.

Another innovation in the field is the creation of “hidden” grooves, which come into being when the surface layer of the tire has a certain degree of wear and allow the same adhesion to the ground as well as the extension of the life of the tire. This is a great service to the environment, the longer the life of the tires reduces the number of used tires to be processed to avoid polluting the environment. Thus, tire manufacturers have shown that protecting the environment and fighting pollution are targets that come just ahead of profit-making.

Neil Armstrong’s words when he first put his foot on the moon also fit well in the context of the fight against pollution. “A small step for man, a great step for mankind” can also refer to the efforts made by each of us in this respect but which conjugates have significant and encouraging results.

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