Fixing a cracked windshield – How to fix your cracked windshield at home

Imagine a beautiful day with bright sunshine in the sky. And, suddenly, this idyllic picture is ruined by an unexpected noise. Moreover, a rose blossom of all beauty flourished on the windshield of your car. Right in front of your eyes.

Probably it was a weapon of the future, because you did not see where it came from. As you calm down, you realize the cruel truth: you have to replace the windshield. This means service, a day or two without a car, any problems with the new windshield and, more than anything else, increased insurance for the car. In fact, it’s even worse. Certain motor insurance does not cover such damage.

Before you panic, go home and, with a magnifying glass, look carefully at the “wound”. It’s very possible you can fix it. The idea is simple and means “injecting” a polyurethane adhesive into the hole.

Even if it’s not even in front of your eyes (it bothers you to drive), it’s always a good idea to try and fix it. Otherwise, the water will make its way into the interior of the car. If the hole reaches the laminate layer, moisture can affect its integrity and become opaque. Moreover, water can freeze in such cracks and cause even greater problems.

As you have realized, it is best to make repairs immediately, if possible. That’s because not all the holes or cracks are repairable. There may be some traces, but the improvements will be dramatic and, most importantly, see the exterior of the exterior and avoid the discoloration of the windshield in the future.

Remember that you can not fix long cracks, so it’s very important to fix the little ones before they turn into a big one. Many of the problems will be solved after the injection of the adhesive, but some of them require changing the windshield. If necessary, do not hesitate!

Look for a windshield repair kit

Such kits can be found in many general stores, in department stores or even at fairs and various car meetings. Procedures may be different, but the results are pretty much the same. We have repaired some windshields and the results were really excellent.

Keep a dry and clean windshield before attempting to repair it

It is very important that before starting any repairs, the windshield should be clean, dry and somewhere at room temperature. You can even use a hair dryer if needed. If the surface is dirty, do not use detergents. Gas lighter or acetone can clean as well, but do not use too much, can damage the gaskets or even paint the car.

Try to repair the cracked windshield youself

It’s simple. Once you have prepared the “scene”, prepare and everything you need for repair: adhesive and syringe. With this, apply the adhesive several times with pressure. Do not forget that, using an oblique surface, clean the surplus material after this operation.

Careful! The adhesive can be of several kinds. Depending on its composition, you can apply one or more layers, but only with the special syringe.

How does it work?

Typical windows, such as those in the house, are stunning: they are seen through them, they are sturdy and quite cheap. Let’s not forget, however, that they can be fragile and can break into thousands of dangerous pieces when they succumb. A solution might be plastic but it’s not solid enough to resist scratches, and not as clear as you can see through it. If you do not believe us, look closely at the telephone booths or bus stations.

That’s why, for cars, manufacturers use secure glass. It is stronger than the standard one and, very important, at the time of an accident breaks into small pieces like granules. And these are sharp, but less dangerous than a normal glass. However, a windshield constantly bombarded with pebbles will not have a long life.

In conclusion, many years ago, car makers went to secure glass. It looks like a sandwich and is created by a fairly easy process: two glass sheets are glued through an inner laminated plastic layer. Thus, the two layers of glass are independent of one another, the layer between them taking the role of shock absorber and reducing the risk of breakage.

If the windshield is hit by a heavy object, chances are that only the outer layer breaks. This is the most common situation. If the impact is even stronger, the membrane prevents the windshield from landing in your arms. Moreover, shavings will remain on this layer for the most part, thus preventing serious damage.

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