Gearbox failure symptoms – 5 Signs that you need to visit a mechanic shop

Sooner or later, the gearbox starts to trouble drivers, and the signs of a malfunction appear immediately. As with any other piece of your car, the more you notice the problem, the faster you can fix it. Remember, many times, auto parts are interconnected. Therefore, the poor condition of a piece may influence the efficiency of other systems under the hood. You need to know how to interpret the signals your car offers when something does not work properly. Here are five symptoms of a defective gearbox.

You have trouble going from one gear to another

It is the most noticeable signal, as you will prevent it every time you want to change gears. You will notice that a simple coupling in a lower / upper position now gives you big beatings. In other cases, the shifter can automatically jump from speed, which is quite unpleasant when you are in traffic. In the slightest scenario, the gear shifter may fall, and in this case, you only have to stop the damages.

You notice strange sounds when you shift gears

An experienced driver immediately notices any odd sound that should not normally be heard. And in case of a defective gearbox, it can produce some unnatural noise when moving to a higher or lower gear. Sounds can vary, from intense noises, to some jerks. Also, if you hear a very loud noise, when the switch is in the dead end, you can still suspect that something is happening with the transmission of the car.

The apperance of transmission oil may raise questions

Under optimal conditions, the transmission oil must have a bright red color. The smell must also be slightly sweet. If you notice that the transmission oil has a dark color, even opaque, you have to ask some questions about the gearbox status. It is advisable to drive in a service for an informed confirmation, and if the fears are confirmed, do not rush to buy the first gear you can find. It is always important to find the best spare part for your car.

Something smells “burned”

When the components of the gearbox overheat, due to excessive friction, you will immediately notice a specific odor. The fact that something smells “burned” can also be due to transmission oil. Check it out immediately and if you find something similar to the symptom presented in point 3 then there is a problem.

Notice leakage of the transmission oil

If the transmission oil drains beneath the car, it means something is wrong. This is not 100% due to the fact that there is a problem with the gearbox. It may be a singular case, so be on the stage and check periodically if there are other leaks. If the problem comes back, go to the service car.

To the luck of your car, the gearbox offers enough signals to tell you in time that it does not work the way it should. Therefore, be always in the phase and quickly find a response to any suspicious detail you notice about your car.

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