How often should you wash your car?

The personal car needs constant maintenance. Revisions, checks, and repairs if needed. But most of us do not consider the washing of a car a maintenance operation, but a chore to pass when the car is very dirty.
Personal or company car wash is an operation that should, as a general rule, be done at least twice a month. We are talking about cleaning and hygienizing both the exterior and interior of the car that we use daily.

Of course, the way we use the machine or the location we live in can influence the degree of dirt, and then the number of lunches can vary. Also, in winter, when the roads are dirty and full of salt, it is advisable to wash the car any longer, as the accumulated salt from the road is harmful to the paint and bodywork.

We do not have to ignore the bird poo, which can be extremely corrosive, not to say unsightly, on any car. If we have the bad luck to find our car with bird-laying, a visit to the laundry is extremely necessary. If we do not have time, we can try to remove the deposits quickly with a napkin roller and a window cleaning solution.

In summer, the long roads leave us deadly insect car on the front and the windshield. Again, it is advisable to clean the traces of insects as quickly as possible in a pressure washroom. In the summer, we can also find the car covered with a kind of savage secreted by certain trees, especially linden trees. Of course, a visit to the laundry is necessary to remove the sova.

Finally, the dust from the urban environment, which is deposited almost immediately on any car, must also be constantly removed.

We do not have to forget about the interior of the car. We can also clean it yourself with the help of a vacuum cleaner that removes hair, traces of food, leaves and any other items that have come into the car.

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