How to pick the best car CB radio – In-depth buying guide

How do you pick the best radio station? What features and features should the CB car station suit for you? Read our guide and get informed.

When you are in traffic it is important to take all possible safety measures. In addition to ensuring that your car is in order and can run smoothly, and driving in such a way that you do not endanger your life or other road users, the fact of knowing some details of traffic it can catch you very well.

The best car radio allows you to communicate with other drivers within a radius of about 15 km and is always informed about traffic conditions and potential dangers.

Investing in such a device is always beneficial. Find out how you choose the best car CB radio.

Why choose the best car CB radio?

Traffic is always unpredictable, and situations that could endanger you may appear where you do not expect. Having such a station installed will allow you to be more cautious in traffic and drive more with care.

You can find information directly from other drivers about traffic events such as accidents, or areas monitored by radar police cars, so you avoid a possible unwanted fine.

You will also be able to find reliable information about road conditions in the event of rain or rain. It’s a much safer and faster way than radio or smartphone information.

How to choose the best car CB radio

However, choosing the best car CB radio may be a task that takes a long time and it may be even risky if you do not know some basic criteria. Considering the rich offer on the market, choosing an ideal radio station can be particularly difficult.

By focusing only on the look you will not be able to find out much about its effectiveness. That’s why, whether you’re a beginner or a lot of experienced driver, you need a set of information to help you in your choice. In this regard, we encourage you to consult a shopping guide that contains all the information you need to make a choice that you will not regret.

In the following we have already prepared such a shopping guide at the end of which you will be able to identify the best value for money on the market and you will make an ideal choice for your car.

Consider the following criteria before making a purchase:

The type of car CB radio

When looking for a car CB radio, there are a lot of chances to find more types of CB radio stations that do not match your car. Depending on portability, you will notice that there are fixed, mobile or portable stations.

Fixed – These are just family-friendly models and have lost much of their popularity and utility at the moment. They were used to make communication between neighbors easier. With advanced and much faster communication methods today, such a variant is unlikely to capture someone’s interest. You realize that this radio is not suitable for the car because it needs 220 V to work, only possible when connected to a home outlet.

Mobile – This is the model you are looking for for the car. You can tell the difference by look and feel, but the feature that will make the difference is the electricity source to connect to, a value of 12-13V being enough.

Portable – The portable radio station is a battery-powered pocket model. The battery can be charged in the car, but its use in traffic is unlikely to help you in any way.

Quality of the broadcast

Legally accepted emission power is 4W, but you will often find radio stations with a much higher broadcasting power. Checks on stations are extremely rare, so it will not be unusual to meet stations with a 20W or more power.

There are also stations that are capable, connected to an appropriate antenna, to establish transcontinental links. However, you are unlikely to need such performance.

A conventional model allows you to cover a radius of about 15km, more than enough for your traffic needs. For second-hand stations, you might even find some with minor changes made by other users.

They can have a transmitting power of up to 7W, without being so big a difference from a station that falls under regulatory conditions.

Microphone accuracy

Always check this issue because it is directly responsible for the quality of the information you will be sending or receiving.

If a colleague in the traffic can not understand what you are talking about because of the microphone, you may not receive any information, or get the wrong information, and in this case the station will not use you for anything.

Try to check this before buying the ideal car CB radio.

Length of the antenna

It is the parameter that will most influence the range of the station. In other words, the distance you will be able to transmit and from which you can receive information is directly proportional to the length of the antenna.

A longer antenna providing a larger reception area. The ideal length in this context would be somewhere at 2.75m. An unrealistic and even ridiculous value for the era we live in.

That’s why it’s looking for a coil antenna. That coil has the role of replacing the need for a very high height.

Thus, using a 1.6 meter antenna, but with a coil, you’ll be able to enjoy the same performance in a much more comfortable form.

How to install and calibrate the antenna

The price of an auto radio station varies depending on the method of installing the antenna on the car.

The best car CB radio has an antenna that can be attached with a hood magnet, with the advantage of being easily moved to another car without damaging the body in a way. However, stations with such an antenna are somewhat more expensive.

The conventional method is to fix the antenna. Stations with such an antenna cost less.

However, calibration of the antenna is an extremely important aspect of which the reliability of the device will depend greatly. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning the radio station, and your investment will cause you a loss in a very short time.

The antenna is calibrated immediately after mounting with the aid of a measuring device called SWR. It will measure the ratio between the issued and the received power. To make sure the antenna is calibrated correctly, the value of this ratio should be as close as 1: 1.

However, specialists ensure that no 1.5: 1 value will damage the device very much, and will not endanger its service life.

Price and manufacturers

One aspect that you need to set up in advance is the budget that you are allocated to buying such a station. On the market you will find many models with different functions and accessories that you will soon realize that you will not use them as much as you have thought.

The best car CB radio is a conventional 4W without too many additions that can uselessly increase the price. Of course, some functions can be practical, such as hands-free, which allows you to connect headphones and microphone so that the use of the station does not distract you from driving.

Others, however, are less practical and useful, and when you consider that you have to invest heavily in an advanced antenna, the variant of a minimalist station seems better, since its efficiency depends anyway on the performance of the antenna.

There is also the option of purchasing a kit that includes an antenna, a often-priced option.

As usual, an important criterion in your choice must also be the brand that produces the station. Being a good you do not buy daily and costly, we do not recommend buying it from a no-name company.

To have an extra quality guarantee, choose a car CB radio belonging to an international caliber company that has already created a great reputation among other users. So you could check the station to belong to one of the following manufacturers: President, Midland, PNI, Storm, Albrecht, Avanti, CRT or Cobra.

We also recommend buying online. You can make a choice based on information that you can find easily and organized.

Moreover, you will be able to view the opinions of other users, so you can get a complete picture of the quality of a product.

People will surely mention if they are not satisfied with the quality of a station. And another advantage is that you will find much better prices than traditional stores.

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