How to prevent car window fogging – 6 Tips to help you out

One of the most unpleasant phenomena that happen during the cold season is the fogging of the windows. In winter, the humidity of the outdoor air decreases, as does the temperature. By contrast, the air inside the car is damp because of the passenger’s breath, but also warmer, so when it comes in contact with cold windows, the water in the air condenses and the windows are steamed. This article will teach you how to prevent car window fogging in the cold season.

If this phenomenon often occurs in your car then there may be a problem, such as a mistake of leaving the recirculation system turned on for too long. Here are some useful tips that can solve the problem.

  • It is important that the ventilation system is clean because it can gather leaves or mud that maintain a high humidity level. Use a special spray for the air conditioning system to clean it after having previously cleaned it. Do not forget to regularly change the pollen filter of the car, it can be a cause of high humidity from the inside.
  • If necessary, when required, you can quickly remove moisture from the windows by starting the ventilation on the windscreen, opening a 1-2 cm glass and turning the rear window heating.
  • The best way to remove moisture from the windows is to turn on the air conditioning, which is superior to simple ventilation. If the humidity is high in the car (eg in the rain) do not turn off the air conditioning system because you will have steamed windows in just a few seconds, which is extremely dangerous.
  • If the problem persists, clean the windows on the inside with a special solution to prevent moisture from sticking to the windows. It is extremely important to keep your windows clean – dust accumulated on them or cigarette smoke residues lead to their rapid fogging. Wash the windows on the inside with great care, with a special solution for degreasing glazing so they are very clean. In this way, they will disband much faster.
  • Best is to clean the snow and ice from all the car because this is one of the main reasons for steaming the windows. Coldwater running on the windows, or even snow falling down when you expect less, can take you by surprise, and in cold areas again steam.
  • Verify the sources of moisture from the inside, for example under the mats and even under the carpet to see if the water gets in your car. In addition to rusting problems, the tight water will heat up and keep your windows steady. If out, take care to get a little snow as possible in the car – it will melt and then evaporate, reaching all the windows.

As a general rule, the warmer and warmer the car’s cabin will be, the easier and faster you will see through the windows.

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