How to safely drive in fog

Cold weather has rapidly changed the conditions in which traffic is taking place, and drivers are subjected not only to snow and blocked roads, but also to one of the most dangerous weather phenomena – the fog. What can you do to run safely in fog? Here are some useful tips.

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather phenomena that jeopardizes the safety of those at the wheel. Therefore, the phenomenon should be treated with utmost seriousness, any precaution being welcome to prevent a possible accident. It is important to realize that not only you are the one with limited visibility, but also your traffic partners.

Preventive driving is essential in such a time. Anticipates, prevents, maintains speed at low rates, cares for others. Fog driving is difficult, but if you follow a few simple rules you will be safe at your destination.

First of all, check the weather conditions in advance. Fog is a phenomenon that usually occurs in the morning and in the evening, and in the middle of the day it only persists in mountainous, low-altitude or seaside areas. If you want to avoid this phenomenon plan the road according to the above.

Clean the windshield
Before going on the road, it improves the visibility from inside by keeping the windows and the windscreen very clean. Especially when there is fog at night, a clean windshield gives you added safety. If necessary, you can stop for a minute at a gas station to clean the windscreen.

It uses the machine lights correctly
In the event of fog, it is important to use the lights correctly to be visible to other traffic partners. Thus, it is mandatory to light the short feathers together with the fog lights if they are in the machine. Rear fog light is very useful to make you visible, but if it goes in the column and it is clear that you are visible to the rear one it is better not to use it because it is extremely disturbing. Good to apply – never use the rear fog light if the visibility is good.

It keeps the distance from the one in front
Even if you see the person in front of you very well, it is important to keep away from it, because an unforeseen obstacle may occur at any time, which requires sudden braking. Thus, you will have enough time to stop safely.

Prevent, slow down
Even if it is universally valid irrespective of weather conditions, it is essential that you maintain an adequate speed in visibility conditions when it is foggy. Even if you’re in a hurry, it’s better to keep the same pace with other road users. It’s not worth taking extra risks to earn a few minutes.

Do not drive on fog when you’re very tired
It is very important to have breaks if it is fog and you are very tired. Less response time combined with low visibility may lead to accidents. That’s why park a few tens of minutes if you need sleep. Avoid parking immediately next to the road. It is recommended to find a gas station or a free car park.

Good to know:
1. If the temperature is close to negative, humidity in the air may freeze on contact with different surfaces. This may cause the pole. Regularly check the adhesion of your car when operating the brakes.
2. Take care of wild animals. If you run on fog through forest areas, take care of wild animals. They feel safe at the fog, which can make them venture on the road.
3. Keep the car on your side of the road. Even if it gives you a sense of security it does not go in the middle of the road. Keep your band running so you do not risk seeing the cars in the opposite direction too late and needing sudden maneuvers.

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