How to wash your car at home – Tips and tricks for a clean car

As the summer approaches, the excess of city dust is becoming more and more visible. And the most frustrating part is that nowhere is better than your car. The short time you have available makes walking the laundry not always an option. However, no more than three days will pass after a wash until the first layer of dirt is present.

If you’re sitting at home, washing your car in the yard can be a way to save you time and money, but you’ll turn this activity into a pleasant way of spending your free time. Here are some practical tricks that might help you.

We recommend that you use a pressure washer for a faster cleaning of your car. Here are some suggestions:

Use the right tools
A garden hose connected to a water source in the yard may be enough to wash the machine, but it will make the process much longer. The water pressure used to irrigate the yard is not that powerful enough to effectively clean all the dirt on the car’s body so you will lose a lot more time until you can eliminate the toughest stains and consume more water.

If you want to offer a really effective wash, you could opt for a pressure cleaner. Such utensils – used even in professional laundries – will make your work a lot easier, giving your car a full and quick exterior cleaning.

Always wash the car in the shade
The sun can dry very quickly the water and the detergent you use. If you wash your car in the sun, you may not have enough time to rinse the body. In addition, if you stay in the shade, you also avoid heat or the harmful effects of UV rays.

If you do not have enough space in the courtyard, you better wait for it to come in. After a long and tortuous summer day, washing your car will be a relaxing and refreshing activity.

Two buckets and two sponges
If you rinse the sponge in the same bucket in which you have water with the cleaning solution, you only have to put the dirt washed back on the bodywork. It’s a mistake many people do when washing a car and you can avoid it using two buckets – one for detergent water, one for washing the sponge.

Also, you should use two sponges when washing a car: one for bodywork and one for wheels and rims – which are inevitably dirtier. The ideal would be to have two large and soft sponges because fabric cloths can leave unsightly marks.

Use a suitable cleaning solution
Dishwasher or windscreen washer is not really effective for body texture, causing loss of paint gloss. Choose a car shampoo suitable for the outside washing of the car; some content solutions and wax, which can give a glimpse of body shine.

Be careful when cleaning the interior
Using a household vacuum cleaner to clean the car’s upholstery is dangerous. You will have to connect it to the garage or home stream and, no matter how careful you are, you do not know how the wires can get in contact with the water.

It would be best to use a car vacuum cleaner that you can feed directly from the cigarette lighter. It’s safer, more convenient, and its small size means you can clean areas of upholstery inaccessible to a home vacuum cleaner.

Finally, the car dry very carefully
Your job will not end until the body is dry. If you let the car dry in the sun, shampoo and water can leave unsightly marks. Again, textile cloths are not recommended because their fibers can break away.

For drying, it is advisable to use suede or microfibre cloths. Carefully remove the bodywork, making sure you do not leave any stain of moisture.

If you follow these tips, you will make your car look like new, and you will be pleased with the time invested in this enjoyable activity.

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