Oil changes – All you need to know about car oil changes

After fuel, engine oil is the most used component of the car.

In fact, it is required every time the car is started up. If it is so often used, do you know when it needs to be changed and, more than that, do you know why it really needs to be changed?

It is easy to understand that engine oil is the lubricating part, specially designed to lubricate moving metal parts. Moreover, engine oil helps to clean the engine and the entire gear unit, combats rust and helps cool the engine (about 25% of the engine heat is eliminated by the engine oil inside).

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4 Signs that you need to change your engine oil

The oil is black and sandy

The original oil color is brown like honey, and after a few uses it changes color to black. However, it is very difficult to determine when to change engine oil, only after this criterion. The most eloquent hint is, in fact, the texture of the oil. If it begins to show visible particles in the liquid, it is obligatory to replace it.

The engine is louder than usual

The oil has the role of lubricating the engine. Without lubrication, the parts will start rubbing together, easy, easy to wear, and result in low performance. When you notice these noises, it is recommended to check the condition of the engine oil. If the noise persists, it is advisable to go through a car service to a specialist service.

Engine oil level

Besides the fact that you have to assure the correct level of engine oil, the most important thing is to know that a car’s engine is gradually consuming the oil. As the level decreases, it needs to be filled in. If the oil drops considerably, it means that it no longer has the same properties, it is consumed much faster by the engine. In this case, it is recommended to change the oil.

The dashboard indicator

At present, many cars have their own level marker, but for those older they are recommended to check the level of joja oil. The red oil pressure switch must be switched off when starting the engine and not later. If it remains lit after the engine has started, there is a major fault and an intervention team has to be called.

When and why should I change engine oil?

It was a stroke that a car performed more time with a motor oil, but it happened for a number of reasons that it would wear out quickly. Either due to the low engine oil quality or due to over-stroke of the engine.
However, the basic rule of a responsible driver and concerned about the condition of the car is that the oil is changed periodically, but to avoid unpleasant wear and tear, it is advisable to change it early.

As an average oil change, we can talk about an oil replacement after a run of 10,000 to 15,000 km, depending on the manufacturer or at least once a year.
What happens if you do not change engine oil?

If the engine oil is not changed, it is likely that the engine will wear out very quickly or even get grime. The filter will clog and will be absorbed into the lubrication system components.

For optimal operation of your car’s engine and to avoid possible malfunctions, it is advisable to change the oil when it loses its properties. It is also very important to change with the oil and the filter. Any postponement can lead to major problems that will put you at a high expense. It is not advisable to personally change the oil, but it is advisable to visit a car service.

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