Quick tips on how to check your car AC

Spring almost came to rights, with high temperatures being close to becoming a rule. Until now, we even had 25-degree highs, but they will grow fast. Therefore, it is important to check the air conditioning system early to ensure a pleasant indoor environment. Here are some tips and answers to questions that can help keep the air conditioning system in good working order.

One of the simplest tips that keep the air conditioner in good working order is to start the system about 10 minutes each week, as the freon also has a lubricating function. In addition, the inside of the machine will not accumulate excess moisture and so all materials will be protected from excessive wear. This operation will also keep an interior unpleasant, due to moisture in the system pipes.

It is very important to know that the level of freon in the air conditioning system decreases by about 10% per year, which means less efficiency. Therefore, car manufacturers recommend a freon supplement every two years. It is also advisable to revise the system, especially before the warm season, when the system is requested to the maximum. Maintenance of the air conditioning system involves checking the amount of refrigerant by removing it from the system, checking the system’s tightness and refilling.

Studies show that the correct operation of the air conditioning system is directly related to driving safety when outside temperatures exceed the 30-degree threshold. At a temperature of 35 degrees, a driver is slower to react by 20% compared to the temperature of 25 degrees, which is equivalent to an alcohol level of 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. Therefore, maintenance of the air conditioning system plays an essential role.

What is the main reason for the non-functioning of the air conditioning system?
The main cause is freon loss. It is lost at a higher rate on old cars, very small pores of storms or on gaskets. Therefore, a full system check is recommended every 2 years.

Does the freon have to be lost to the air conditioning system does not work?
Not. Even a partial loss of the freon will cause the system not to activate the compressor. However, the AC may work with a partial freon loss, but the air temperature will not be optimal.

What is the correct air temperature at the outlet of the ventilation holes?
When the system works perfectly and is set to the lowest temperature, the air must have a temperature of about 3-8 degrees when it exits the ventilation holes.

The air blowing through the ventilation holes smells bad. Why?
Do you have any problems with the ugly smell coming from the air conditioning? The most likely problem is caused by bacteria and fungi developed on the air conditioning route. To solve this situation, it is recommended to use a special spray that starts in the passenger compartment with recirculation on and closed windows. It will circulate through all air conditioning lines and clean them. After this operation, it is necessary to change the pollen filter.

Optimum temperature in the passenger compartment
When driving long distances it is very important to create a cool atmosphere inside the car, but without exaggerating. The difference between the outside temperature and the car’s temperature should not be very high, especially if the stops are frequent and it is necessary to leave the car. The impact of sudden and repeated changes can have a negative effect on health and momentum. At such times dizziness, headache, or sweating may occur.

Maintaining the functional air conditioning system is extremely important. It does not only have a role to increase comfort, but also a safety because it solves the problem of humidity that can dramatically affect visibility on rain or snow. Therefore, our recommendation is to regularly go to a specialist to check your air conditioning system.

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