Renault ZOE R110 – One of the best electric cars on the market?

An electric car is able to offer a new sensation to a regular driver with thermal engines. Leaving the place produces the first shock, and sudden acceleration conquers.

The Renault Zoe R110 is a viable electric car option for the city and beyond. The 41hWh battery offers good autonomy, the interior space is close to that of a hatchback, and the ecobonus offered by the state softens the price.

Zoe is one of Europe’s most sold electric models with a market share of over 22%, and in 2018 almost 40,000 units were sold on the old continent. Let’s find out how this performance succeeded.

There are usually three impediments to pulling out the short-listed electric models of the potential customer: price, autonomy and loadability.

Stylish design of the ZOE’s front bumper. The French designers did a really good job.

The € 10,000 ecobonus offered by the state makes it more accessible, and a real 300 km of autonomy is possible. The load side is more difficult: a full charge can take up to 25 hours at home (10A), but the fastest available charging socket (63A) brings the battery level to 80% in an hour and a half. Of course, there are also intermediate options. However, energy is also recovered on the fly, regenerating the braking force, but also when the driver takes his foot off the acceleration.

Outstanding exterior

Even though the first model was launched at the end of 2012, Zoe’s exterior was modern and is still good today. The shape is typical of a small class model, but the headlights and stops make a distinctive note due to the blue inserts. Extensive range of colors, but especially Violet Burberry, rejuvenate ZOE.

The length of 4084 mm, width of 1730 mm and wheelbase of 2588 mm means ZOE offers space like some small-class SUVs. The volume of the luggage compartment is 338 liters – a good capacity in terms of size.

16-inch wheels in two colors look good, but the braking system on the rear axle is with drums and this can disturb the visual.

You’re going to go first from the traffic light

ZOE may seem somewhat out of the ordinary, but the sum of the qualities that have made Europe’s best-selling electric car a secret is hidden.

The R110 delivers 109 hp and 225 Nm of electric motor, and the 0-50 km / h sprint takes just 3.9 seconds. Up to 80 km / h, it takes 7.6 seconds and the maximum speed is 135 km / h. In most cases, you will first leave the traffic lights – a great advantage of electric models is the maximum torque instantly available.

Seen from the outside, ZOE does not seem fast, and if you add that many drivers do not know the characteristics of an electric model, you will produce supersets.

The suspension is set for a comfortable journey. Absorbs the bumps well, but does not encourage you to bump at high speeds. Direction is oversupplied, but considering that most of those who choose ZOE spend most of their time driving in the city, it only improves maneuverability.

The center of gravity is down, thanks to the battery, but it also makes the weight of a ZOE model reach 1500 pounds.

ZOE makes you an ECO Driver

The announced autonomy is 300 km in summer and 200 in winter (WLTP test cycle), but it depends on how they drive each other. At the same time, it should be noted that an electric model supplies all the onboard instruments from the battery, so starting the air conditioning or using the navigation system can mean lower autonomy.

The driver of a pure electric model develops a kind of discipline on board, which reduces his sense of “range anxiety”. This sensation occurs when the driver is afraid he does not have enough battery power to reach his destination. So, you get used to not going fast if you do not need to, do not forget the air conditioning turned on, and so on. Consume less, you have greater autonomy, and you get less at the charging station or load less often at home. You get used to less energy.

Even if an electric model does not emit any pollutants, it produces noxious emissions, and the energy it is charging – as long as it is not renewable, has its own emissions from production.

Simple interior and Android Auto connectivity

The interior is spacious and very comfortable.

The interior is covered with plastic in different colors. However, the instrument panel is completely digital, with several distinct layouts, and we also have the R-Link infotainment system with Android Auto connectivity and touchscreen.

The driver and front passenger seat is good, but the seats can not be adjusted in height. The steering wheel is quite high from the start.

The visibility is good, even if the A-pillar is long enough due to the large inclined windscreen. For reverse, the R110 can be equipped with a camcorder, but these dimensions are not required.

Passengers in the rear have an acceptable level of legroom and the trunk is similar in size to the hatchbacks in the market.

Our Verdict

The Renault ZOE R110 is a daily city car in terms of autonomy and interior space. The strange feeling of noisy movement and outbursts of power are bonus, but recharging the battery can pose problems, especially for those who stay in the block.

As required, Renault ZOE can be the only car of a family, but more realistic is the ZOE city car configuration and a long-term thermal engine model.

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