How to start a car that has been sitting for too long – 4 steps you need to take

Cars are not made to be forgotten in a parking lot or in a yard for months or, worse, for years. But it sometimes happens that we will not use them for a long time and we may have to buy new or used car parts before they can safely go.

Check engine oil.

The oil may have drained since you have not used the car, so the cylinders are now dry. Call a car mechanic to help or try to lubricate the cylinders with a special spray.

Fully empty the fuel tank.

Certainly, after so much time and extreme oscillating temperatures, the fuel properties of the tank have deteriorated, so you have to throw everything you left out there. Do not throw gasoline or diesel in nature. Find a petroleum collection center and drive it to recycle.

Check the brake fluid and coolant.

Also due to long stays, it is possible that the brake fluid stops the desired performance, so replace it with a new one. The same must be done with the coolant, it may have passed the term of the warranty, and in the absence of the car’s engine to heat up more than recommended until it breaks down.

Examine the battery.

Because it has not been started for a very long time, your car has, more or less, a dead or weak battery. You may need power cables and the help of a neighbor or a friend to turn on the engine, then a road to the car store for a new battery.

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