Summer Tires – Time to hit the road on a sunny day

Things you need to know about your car tires

The winter with its difficulties, the roads covered by snow and the closed roads have passed and the sunny season has begun. Probably some drivers have switched from winter tire to summer tires, but some of them hesitate, considering the need to have two sets of tires is more a finding of tire manufacturers who will miss / and sell the merchandise. In the following we will try to give you some reasons why this theory is a valid one.

First of all, the warm season is when drivers feel more at ease driving, not having to travel with caution. Climate conditions allow them to move faster and test their cars to their true potential.

Winter tires do not allow this because of specific grooves made specifically to allow braking and avoid skidding as well as the material from which these tires are made. They are designed to provide maximum efficiency at temperatures and in winter conditions, reducing their summer performance.

All-season tires are a compromise solution, providing an average performance that reconciles the need for speed with the need to be cautious and safe to travel in winter.

Secondly, summer tires have deeper trenches and allow water to drain more rapidly on a wet road and are better suited for such common conditions.

Aquaplaning and skidding will be avoided, providing extra safety for the car during the summer, especially on long journeys. It is interesting that in the end change of tires from winter to summer is a matter that has to do with security during the traffic.

Thirdly, the summer tire will behave better on the road, obstructing the obstacles or sudden turns, avoiding the machine’s deceleration and thus any accidents that may result from unexpected maneuvers or the wrong calculation of maneuvering times.

On the other hand, it is estimated that summer tires are about 15-20% faster than all-season, being a real helper in a critical situation. Needless to say, timely braking can make the difference between life and death.

We hope that the above has made you consider the summer tires and if you have already done so, they have made you sure you have made the right decision. We want sunny days in traffic and we hope that driving will continue to be a pleasure for you, one to which we have contributed to a certain extent!

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