Things to consider as a new driver

Have you gone through the emotions of the driver school and are you thinking of buying your first car? Well, that might be more complicated than it seems, because you do not have the right experience to choose correctly, making too many comparisons between cars due to lack of experience. If you are facing the scenario above, here are some tips that can help you make the right decision.

It’s not necessarily a rule, but our advice is not to run at the wheel of a new car, because it’s almost impossible not to make mistakes in the first few months. Even if they are small, they will still involve high damage and costs for repair.

That’s why a second-hand car, bought with a low budget, is the best choice. In the first thousands of kilometers, it is very likely that you will be touched by car parks, you will not be able to avoid asphalt pits or find the perfect coordination between hand and foot when changing gears.

In the case of a new machine, all this will mean the cost of repainting, straightening or changing wheels, tread elements, or excessive clutch wear. These costs can be significantly reduced if your car is a smaller, older one. In the case of small accidents or rapid wear, a new car will have net repair costs higher than a second-hand car.

Another recommendation goes to buying a small class car, because it will make it much easier to control it, learn to park in narrow places and get used to visibility around you. Then, you can gradually move to larger cars that will make it much easier for you to get used to.

Another tip is to learn to drive a car that has a manual gearbox, because if you go directly to an automatic one it will be extremely difficult for you to drive a manual later. Even in the future, the manual boxes will disappear, it is a shame not to learn the basic principles for such a car. The co-ordination needed to drive a manual transmission will help you become a better driver.

Avoid getting into the trap of buying a powerful car, even if you trust your skills. Lack of experience can put you in difficult situations. At high speeds, everything is different and you certainly have not experienced this at the driver school. Go from near to near and learn to walk, with small steps.

Whatever you do, it is essential that the car you buy is in an impeccable technical state. As a beginner, any distraction from the machine or any system that does not work properly will increase the risk of an accident. Therefore, drive to a specialist service before your purchase to have a thorough technical check.

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