Things you didn’t know about car oil and antifreeze

In theory, changing the oil or antifreeze is one of the simplest operations in a car, but the practice shows us that there are many questions that the world does not know the answer to. Many of the things heard about the two essential fluids in the operation of an engine are so-called urban myths. That is why we have tried to clarify some of them in the following.

What do we know about antifreeze?
Is it possible to use water instead of antifreeze on the engine of the car?

Apart from the fact that the freezing point is much lower than water, it is very important to know that the antifreeze also has anti-corrosion properties that help protect the cooling system. It ensures the good functioning of the system for long periods and obviously does not freeze in the cold season. Water can only be used in emergencies and for short periods of time. Antifreeze is not expensive and should not be changed often, so there is no reason not to use it regularly.

Is it useful to use antifreeze and summer?

In addition to the ability to withstand low temperatures, the antifreeze protects the cooling system by its anti-corrosion properties. It is therefore recommended to use antifreeze and in summer because it protects against rust and increases the boiling temperature of the coolant. If the coolant level drops, the engine temperature may increase rapidly, so it is necessary to periodically check the coolant level and fill it if necessary.

There are traces of oil in antifreeze or vice versa. It is normal?

No way. If you have experienced such a problem, you must get an emergency to a mechanic to check the cylinder head gasket. In this case, serious engine operating problems may occur.

What do we know about oil?
The dealer I bought the car tells me I have to use only the oil mark she recommends. How am I doing?

This recommendation is usually of an economic nature, so the dealer can sell a certain type of product. Under US rules, a manufacturer or dealer may not require the use of a certain type of oil. However, it is imperative that you comply with the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for your machine’s engine. If you do not, multiple operating problems may occur. However, oil manufacturers offer specifications for almost all makes of machine and engine types, so you can use the oil brand you prefer as long as you choose the right type.

Did the engine become accustomed to a certain type of oil – false or true?

This statement is completely false. A good oil protects the engine no matter if it is used for the first time for that gear. If you still want to get rid of any traces of old oil, there are special solutions that can be used after emptying the oil engine, which basically rinses the oil bath.

Can I mix different brands of oil?

In principle, mixing of two different types or brands of oils is not recommended. Each brand of oil has its additives, which may be incompatible with mixing. It is recommended that you completely empty the engine of the machine from the old oil to use a new oil.

Do I have to change the filter at every oil change?

Definitely yes! Changing the oil filter is very important for engine performance and protection over time. An old filter contains all the impurities of the old oil, so it will contaminate the freshly changed oil. A clogged oil filter can lead to broken gaskets, increased fuel consumption, insufficient lubrication, and may affect the reliability of the engine in the long run. The price of an oil filter is too low to prevent it from changing every 15,000 km.

Does the oil stored in the original can have an expiration date?

If the container has not been unloaded and has been stored in optimal storage conditions (temperature, light, humidity), then there is no problem. Oil can be used.

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