What filters do I need to change in my car?

Most drivers know that their car has an engine filter and a great deal of them wonder if they really need to change it when mechanics recommend it.

Few, however, I know that a car has up to 4 filters and that they have to be changed from time to time for the proper operation of the car.

Engine air filter
Each engine has an air filter, with a protective role, and each driver must know that it is important to clean it and change it periodically. Dirt and dust entering the engine cylinder can lead to premature engine wear, and clogging the filter leads to sub-performance of the car.

What does it mean to drive with an old air filter?
An old air filter can greatly reduce engine power, lead to premature wear and even high fuel consumption.
For optimum fuel combustion and for safe driving, it is clear that you need fresh air. Do not change this filter is like trying to run with a clogged nose and a tape around your mouth. Auto Erebus engineers recommend changing the engine air filter to a 15,000 km run.

Fuel filter
It is located in the fuel line and prevents the penetration of waste, dust or small particles of rust and metal into the fuel tank. On all engines, some of the fuel is recycled and it carries metallic waste from the injectors and the injection pump. In fact, the engine injection pump is protected, the filter having the role of removing impurities and water from the fuel.

Why should I change a fuel filter?
A clogged fuel filter can lead to power outages, which, in turn, lead to full fueling and even engine shutdown. A filtered fuel means a higher performance of the car.
If you periodically replace the filter, it ensures a lower fuel consumption, a higher engine power and, of course, a clean environment. It needs to be replaced after a 30,000 km run, the manufacturer recommends, or more precisely, when the filter is clogged. But, as a rule, this rollout differs from car to car. You can read the instructions for correct indicators or drive the car to a check in the Auto Erebus service.

Pollen filter
Pollen filter or the interior, as is known, it is designed to prevent penetration of dust and debris in the car, to keep the air clean and healthy both inside and outside the car. Most cars have at least one pollen filter.

Why is it necessary to change the pollen filter periodically?
A pollen filter packed with debris and dust particles means an unpleasant odor in the car and even leads to the formation of mold and the penetration of bacteria into the passenger compartment.
Also, a spent pollen filter leads to an increase in fuel consumption, the spark plugs start harder and overheat the engine. Also, from a climatic point of view, a worn pollen filter influences the performance of the air conditioning system and keeps the glass and windshield steaming, hindering driving.
Change of pollen filter is recommended to be made at 15,000 km or not more than once a year.

Oil filter
This filter has the role of separating the oil from impurities, and, obviously, of extending the engine running time. Usually, when changing engine oil, it is good to change the filter to prevent infiltration of impurities left in the circuit.

Why should I change the oil filter?
Because the oil filter ensures good engine performance and protects it from wear and tear. Without changing it, the engine will suffer damage and the oil will degrade faster, losing its lubricating properties. For the health of your car engine and for normal engine operation, it’s very important to change it with the oil.

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